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"The level of organization, leadership and value is unparalleled in this region.  The experience gained is hands-down top-notch...the real deal'"

~Eric M.

"Incredible class.  I appreciate you all.  I learned so much."

~Patrice R.

"Thanks again for an incredible weekend. I had a great time and feel like I gained a lot from the experience. "

~Nicolas M.

"I really enjoyed the flat water class. I learned some new paddling strokes! Debbie was a great teacher. Thanks so much."

~Donna B.

"Big thanks for once again dedicating time to pass on some important lessons with Swift Water Rescue! What an excellent weekend with great people, good weather, and fun times!"

~Jeremy G.

"Thanks for the excellent training that I received yesterday during the Introductory to Whitewater Kayaking! The course was very beneficial, as well as a lot of fun too! Looking forward to taking additional kayaking related courses again in the near future!"

~Dave I.


"Enjoyed and learned a lot!! Thanks Jerry!! Absolutely no nonsense straightforward valuable information! NOLI is the best!"

~Glenda S..

"Thank you for all you do. I've been through many classes in my life but I have to say this one is in the top three. So much knowledge to be shared."

~Jerry S.

"The survival training course was fantastic! My son and I learned so much valuable information. I feel all people would benefit from this class."

~Regina B.

"Very knowledgeable instructors with tons of real life experience. Would highly recommend NOLI for swiftwater courses!"

~Charles M.

"Nolichucky Outdoor Learning Institute is an incredible and vital asset to our region. We are blessed to have this treasure-trove of classes, events and skilled instructors in our midst. The Novice Class is invaluable to the newer kayaker. Moves were explained and demonstrated in and out of the water - at a pace appropriate for each student. River reading tips were given (and very much appreciated). Time on the river was very helpful, informative and a blast!!"

~Joy H.

"My intermediate whitewater kayak class with NOLI was excellent. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I would strongly recommend NOLI for whitewater kayakers of all levels who are looking for instruction. If you don't believe me take a class with NOLI."

~Todd R.

"What a wonderful service to the area! What a fantastic instructor! NOLI fills the need for quality outdoor instruction in northeast Tennessee - whitewater and flatwater kayaking, wilderness first aid, survival skills, enjoying art in nature. I am so happy that you are here, and will take more courses in the future."

~Michelle D. 

"NOLI’s variety of class offerings never ceases to amaze me! I’ve taken whitewater kayaking and swiftwater classes with NOLI before and am now so excited to see some art classes thrown in the mix. The intro to pottery class was fantastic! The class size ensured each student got individual instruction and assistance from the instructor. Kerry did a wonderful job explaining the basic techniques and showed us how we could build our skills to make more complex pieces. Not to mention the quaint, river setting made for such a peaceful atmosphere!"

~Andrea G.

"Had a great time and learned tons! Fun and relaxed atmosphere with perfect class size :)" 

~Monica M.

"What a wonderful day! I learned so much and Scott took the FEAR out of learning whitewater kayaking. Scott was a patient teacher and he easily adapted the lesson to my (very) beginner skill level. I hope to take more classes at the NOLI Institute and encourage everyone to check out this wonderful asset to our river community!"

~Nikki H.

"I had a great day with Viki! She was able to pinpoint several places where I can make improvements and was very encouraging and fun to work with!!"

~Jenni H.

"Amazing weekend on the Nolichucky learning the ropes of Swift water rescue! I am completely worn out and my mind is swirling with all the new Information but it was a great time with new and old friends! Highly recommend NOLI for any outdoor class. Top notch instructors, classroom material and information, and great stories!"

~ Rebecca T.

"I really loved the Backpacking 101 class conducted by Minta Ray. I learned a great deal about what items I need for backpacking. The fact that she is a very experienced backpacker made this an ideal class. The hike afterward to the Noli Overlook did not disappoint.. I will definitely be returning for more classes and more hikes. I highly recommend the Noli experience. Keep up the great work!!! 😊"

~ Lisa P.

"If there were more stars to give I would. Quality time on water, excellent instructions, great people and just absolutely delivered the goods. Couldn’t be more pleased with the experience or the guide. Ryan did an over the top job with me. He could see the problems I was having and jumped straight in to help. For sure will take and recommend to all I run into."

~ Brady T.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Map Reading and Compass class. Scott is an excellent teacher. He is knowledgeable, an expert in the field in my opinion, and makes the learning fun and easy. He mixes classroom instruction with field exercises to put what we’ve learned to practical use. And the highlight of the day was the hike on the AT to a point where we could put all we had learned to use in the field. I highly recommend this class to anyone who spends time in the wilderness."

~ Terry V.

"I really enjoyed my hike with NOLI today! Our guide Minta was such a delight. She is very knowledgeable and obviously at home on the trail. She was also able to answer lots of questions about NOLI in general. My only regret is that I didn't consider gratuity before I drove to the middle of nowhere. I strongly suggest doing that because you will want it when it's over. I look forward to more hikes and classes with NOLI.”

~ Chance E.

“It was a great trip. Brad and Jess were awesome. Patient and definitely willing to go beyond to make it a good time and comfortable. We also had a great third guide our first day. I do not want to mess up her name, she had done another class and wanted to help. Thank you for helping us with a bucket list item.”

~ Gary H.

"Beginner whitewater kayaking. This is the seconded class that I have taken with NOLI. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to get into whitewater. Brad is very thorough in his instruction with safety the #1 priority. He takes time to make sure that you feel comfortable with the skills you are working on before moving on to the next. He also makes it fun and challenging at the same time. You folks at NOLI are top notch. I will be back for more. Thank you."

~ Steve Lawson

"Had so much fun over the weekend being trained to teach Leave No Trace classes! The trainer created a safe and fun environment for everyone and the course material was great. Ready to sign up for another class!"

~ Samm K.

"My lesson with Viki by far exceeded any expectations I had. She not only helped me to notice and correct some bad habits I had formed over the years but through her calm, serene attitude influenced me to overcome my fears. Plus, it was incredibly fun to work with her. I would recommend NOLI to anyone wanting to learn to paddle whitewater, or wishing to improve their skills."

~ Linda D.

“Ryan Shealy did an awesome job working my wife, my daughter, and me through an Intro to Whitewater course. He helped me continue to work on fundamentals that I need really to hone, and gave them some experience in whitewater boats, and a little more confidence and understanding. Ryan was patient, knowledgeable, pleasant, safe, hard-working, and kept things fun! We would all highly recommend him for instruction!”  

~ Ashley W.

“Viki is an awesome instructor, soo enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgeable. She helped me hone my skill set to tackle the next level. I can ROLL A CANOE now because of her instruction!

~ David M.

What a great class! I found Scott to be very thorough and willing to fully explain, demonstrate and review anything we questioned. His knowledge on wilderness survival was very evident and he has excellent teaching skills to pass that knowledge to the students. I left the class feeling more empowered and with information and skills that will definitely help if I am ever faced with a wilderness survival situation. I strongly recommend this class for anyone who hikes alone or leads hikes. I hope to never have to use these skills, but knowledge is power. I look forward to taking more classes with Scott and his team.

~ Cindy C.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class! Our instructor, Debbie Briscoe, provided the best instruction on safety and technique. Debbie was very thorough in explaining the things that are so important in kayaking. She made it a very fun experience and made us all feel very relaxed and confident at all times in the water. Overall, great class, fun and enjoyable. I now feel confident in launching and navigating on flat water. Looking forward to furthering my experience in kayaking and possibly other related water adventures with NOLI. Thanks for providing this class and at a reasonable price!”

~ Ronald C.

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